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Young Jewish Professionals

Learn About Us & Our Mission

Who We Are

YJP Utah is a worldwide network of communities of Young Jewish Professionals, post-college and pre-suburb. We provide a holistic milieu of dynamic social events, career-focused professional functions, handcrafted educational experiences and organic spiritual gatherings. Our 85 plus communities makes us the premier Young Jewish Professional provider in the world.

Our Vision

We dream of people ‘owning their Judaism’. Being a Jew will mean so much more than being guilt-tripped into sitting on hard synagogue pews. The collective responsibility we carry will be subsumed in our greater individualistic Jewish passion we bring to communities. Our Jewish identity transforms into an experiential source of sublime meaning. On every level, our Jewishness enables us to blossom.

Our Method

Social and professional opportunities nourish our body. Warmth and personal relevance embrace our soul. Profound ideas stimulate our mind and energize our heart. We’ve created an intoxicating brew of social connection, professional networking, intellectual achievement and spiritual growth. Our model connects spiritual leadership with individual ownership. Chabad Rabbis and Rebbetzins partner with young professionals to create community. Communities join as one into a global presence. Then we pass the torch onward in an ever-perpetuating chain reaction.